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  Zhytomyr Region
Center of civic initiatives "Our Home"
Kartashov Andriy, Chairman of the Board of the organization

Phone: (0412) 41 89 82
E-Mail: zocmi@lycos.com

The main areas of the organization activity are following: support to the rise of legal, political awareness of people; providing information and training support for non-governmantal organizations; expert and consulting and methodological activity concerning the local democracy issues; advocacy and lobbying for local and regional self-government; participation in the monitoring of activities of political parties and higher state bodies of Ukraine; the development of programs and recomendations concerning the building of the efficient economic system; support to the emhancement of the qualification of local councils deputies and self-government officers.

  Zakarpatty Region
Foundation of Regional Intitiatives
Ryba Andriy, Chairman of the organization

Phone: (03122) 3 35 67
E-Mail: stranger_7@mail.ru

Foundation of Regional Initiatives, youth NGO, is an organization unit of the All-Ukrainian NGO "Foundation of Regional Initiatives". The main areas of the organization activity: encouragement of youth to the participation in public life and rendering support to the changes in the society; the development and activization of political awareness and moral culture of young people; fostering youth groups to decision-making; taking trainings and science researches; sharing knowlede in the field of information technologies etc.

  Kirovograd Region
Kirovograd Remedial Foundation
Garaschenko Svitlana, Chairman of the organization

Phone: (0522) 32 15 65
E-Mail: sveta_vg@mail.ru

The main areas of the organization activity: rendering support and aid to the socially vulnerable groups, which requires legal assistance; support to building of democratic and jural society; support to the development of local democracies and strengthening local self-government; legal education of citizens, in particular, youngsters; protection of citizen rights and freedoms.

  Lviv Region
Lviv Institute of Political Technologies
Procak Oleh, Director of the Institute

Phone: (0322) 72 28 61
E-Mail: Oprocak@iatp.org.ua

The main areas of the Instute activity: support to the development of Ukraine as democratic jural state with the status of market economy, open civic society; strengthening the ideas of self-government process democratization; studying, generalizing and sharing the experience concerning the initiatives and self-organization of local communities; accumulating financial and material resources for strengthening of the local self-government development; establishing new political elite, training and encouragement of youth generation to the processes of state decision-making.

  Mykolayiv Region
Mykolayiv Research and Analytical Center
Kopyl Olexandr, Chairman of the organization

Phone: (0512) 56 47 49
E-Mail: s_kopyl@ukr.net

The mission of the Center is to encourage intellectual resources of people, in particula, youth, in order to analyze the problems of the modern Ukrainian society development, and consequent ways of their overcoming. The main areas of activity: socilogical researches (public opinion polling, expert examining, focus-groups), performing monitoring activities, studying social and political processes in Mykolayiv region and over Ukraine.

  Odesa Region
Odesa Youth Club of Leaders
Nikolov Andriy, Head of the Club

Phone: (048) 714 48 04
E-Mail: nikolov@hrforum.com.ua

The main areas of the Club activity: strengthening leader skills of youth, encouragement youth self-realization; the development of non-governmental organizations and initiatives; training of young voters, official election observers and members of election commissions.

  Chernivtsi Region
Bukovina Center of Election Technologies
Babyuk Igor, Director of the Center

Phone: (0372) 55 26 01
E-Mail: monru@ukr.net

The main areas of the Center activity: taking mobilization campaigns for the citizens concerning their participation in elections; organization of public discussions of the Ukrainian election law; protection citizens rights during the election process; encouragement of participation of local communities in the control of the activity of deputies of local councils; training of election observers and members of election commissions.

  Chernigiv Region
Chernigiv youth organization "Youth - XXI century”
Shelkovy Yuriy, Head of the organization

Phone: (0462) 10 18 71
E-Mail: shelkovyy@ukr.net

The main areas of the organization activity: development of NGO sector; support to the strengthening of local self-government; building efficient system of local community lobbying; development of Chernivtsi youth and student self-government; sharing the information about the activity of youth organizations in local media.

Crimea-Tatarian Youth Center
Bariyev Eskander, Chairman of the Center

Phone: (0652) 51 02 94
E-Mail: bariyev@rambler.ru
www. studentswave.narod.ru

The Crimea-Tatarian Youth Center is a youth NGO, which activity envelops the tarritory of Crimea. The main areas of the Center activity: to unite young persons in order to realize and develop their intellectual, spiritual and cultural potential of Crimean-tatarians; protection of legal rights and interests of youth, revival and development of the national culture and sport, national traditions and habits.

  City of Sevastopol
"Mirotvorets", Sevastopol city NGO
Geftman Andriy, Chairman of the Board

Phone: (0692) 24 11 24
E-Mail: Mirotvorec@nm.ru

The main areas of the organization activity: support in the field of legal and political education of citizens, legal assistance to the population, support to the development of citizen society, strengthening youth self-government, encouragement of the world culture values, prevention of negative events in youth environment.

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