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15.03.2009: Young activists are kindly invited to take part in the training on ethical leadership
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in Ukraine

Starting from April 2009 Center for Political Education together with International Programme “Foundations For Freedom” with the support of Democracy Grants Program of USA Embassy in Ukraine will run training-seminar on basics of ethical leadership. Active youth who strive to become the leaders in their surroundings is invited to participate.

Center for Political Education and International Programme “Foundations For Freedom” started a project “Developing Responsible Democratic Leadership in Ukraine”. The project is aimed at the development of the culture of responsible democratic leadership among the representatives of the youth civic sector of Ukraine. Within the framework of the project following educational activities are to be held – Ethical leadership workshops in 4 regions of Ukraine and final conference in Kyiv.

Description of the workshop

In order to become real initiators of democratic changes in a country, young civic activists have to discover and develop real democratic values within themselves and their surrounding.. This is the main aim of the workshop. Ethical Leadership Workshop is an interactive training which includes learning practical skills which help to develop greater self-confidence, understanding of oneself, one’s goals, motivation & insights into society. Gained skills would help the participants to implement positive changes, to put into practice social-oriented initiatives based on common moral and spiritual values.

The workshop uses study, discussion and the exchange of the views and experience of the faculty and participants. The course includes presentations, discussions in large and small groups, exercises in teamwork, role-plays & times of quiet reflection. It lasts 4 full days, for 20 people, and is led by a team of 3-5 facilitators

After the course

After the end of the workshops Center for Political Education and “Foundations For Freedom” will provide the participants with an informational support, namely via e-mail loop, “Foundations For Freedom” Newsletter, consultation, an information about opportunities of further education and youth initiatives.

In the end of October 2009 a conference for the participants of all 4workshops “Responsible Leadership in Ukraine: start from yourself!” will take place.


The schedule of the courses are:

  • April 23-26 - ELW in Crimea;
  • May 28-31 - ELW in Chernihiv;
  • August 20-23 - ELW in Kharkiv;
  • September 24-27 - ELW in Lviv.

Selected participants will be provided with additional information as for the venues of the workshops.

Terms and conditions:

The organisers cover expenses for accommodation, however participants are expected to cover their travel costs themselves. Volunteer contribution towards the cost of participation in the workshop are welcome, and it will not influence the decision of the organisers during the selection of the participants.

Deadlines for application:

  • 1st workshop (Crimea) –April 10th 2009
  • 2nd workshop (Chernigiv) – May 10th 2009
  • 3rd workshop (Kharkiv) – August 1st 2009
  • 4th workshop (Lviv) – September 1st 2009


Foundations for Freedom (F4F) is a Programme of international movement “Initiatives of Change”. It started in 1993, after the collapse of Communist regimes in Eastern and Central Europe, as an initiative to foster fresh leadership grounded in a better understanding of the values, which underlie a democratic society.


The Aims of the F4F are to promote the development of truly free and just society, by inspiring vision, purpose and and values in individuals and teams. It is implemented via courses and seminars, which support the development of individuals and team to the point where they are able to develop and sustain their own initiatives for positive changes in society.

Center for Political Education (CPE) – is an organization of young professionals-enthusiasts, who share the common idea of the development and implementation of efficient educational programmes for social-political activists. The mission of the center is to support the development of Ukrainian politics and civic society based on democratic values that can be achieved by providing education, supporting public dialogue, and research work.. Partnership with F4F is an important field of CPE activities according to the development of democratic youth leadership.



Oleksandr Kopyl, Center for Political Education
Tel.: +38 (067) 788 92 66
E-mail: oleksandr@kopyl.info

Olena Kashkarova, Foundations for Freedom
Tel. +38 (097) 989 29 29
E-mail: info@f-4-f.org

This project was supported by the Democracy Grants Program of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. The views of the authors do not necessarily reflect the official position of the U.S. Government.


Information about the project >>>

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