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Meetings of the Young Politicians Club

Modern Ukrainian politicians inherited a lot of old-fashion archaic models of the policy making, which were adapted to the requirements of the competitive environment arisen after the obtaining of the independence by Ukraine. At the same time we have acute lack of new ideas, free from the relics of the former command-style system. Our society requires new initiative and energetic politicians, whose activities to be grounded upon the ethical leadership, service to the society and democratic values.


To form a non-formal discussing space for the meeting of leaders and activists of youth civic associations, political parties, scientists, teachers and the active youngsters.

 ПЕРІОД РЕАЛІЗАЦІЇ   лютий 2007 - грудень 2009 рр.
  • Valentyn Yakushyk, doctor of political sciences, Institute of European Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • Taras Mykhalniuk, scientific collaborator of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Regional Office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation to Ukraine and Belarus

 ФОТОГАЛЕРЕЯ   First meeting: Foreign policy of Ukraine Second meeting: Ways of building the dialogue: the youth view Third meeting. Reinforcement of the role of youth in politics: German experience for Ukraine Youth bus trip =Politics: Erasing barriers= Fourth meeting. How to mitigate the break-off between real values and declared goals of youth associations? Fifth meeting. Civic lobbying in Ukraine: Opportunities, Results, Challenges Sixth meeting. Ukrainian journalism: the 'fourth' power or service industry? Seventh meeting. Career opportunities for a young politician Eighth meeting. Opportunities given by elections for youth institutions



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Taras Mykhalniuk, Regional Office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation to Ukraine and Belarus
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